It's here - the new Brightmile Driver App!

We are excited to launch the new Brightmile Driver App that brings together years of feedback and learnings from our driver safety and sustainability programmes around the globe. 

We have continuously tweaked and refined our app over the past few years, but it was time to take a step back and undertake a comprehensive refresh of the driver experience with the core objectives of:

  • Modernising the overall Driver App experience

  • Simplifying the way we assess and communicate good driving

  • Making the app easier to use and even more engaging

Introducing an Overall Driving Score


Driving Score

The Driver App refresh introduces a new overall Driving Score, calculated weekly based on the percentage of distance you drive without triggering any of the Five Pillars. 

The overall Driving Score introduces comparison against wider team performance allowing drivers to recognise how they compare to their colleagues. 

Scores will reset each Monday, offering drivers a simple way to understand and improve their week on week driving performance.

Making it Easier to Understand Good Driving 


Driver Targets

The good news is that in addition to the overall Driving Score, we have retained the individual Five Pillar scores giving objective feedback on specific driving behaviours. 

We have evolved the experience to introduce a target score for each of the Five Pillars based on attainable goals, setting clear expectations of what good driving looks like.

Market leading driver rewards, engagement and gamification: Introducing BrightCoins



BrightCoins replaces brightmiles as our in-App rewards currency, taking learnings from proven programmes with some of our largest enterprise clients. BrightCoins are now awarded weekly based on drivers meeting their Five Pillar performance targets. 

By moving to this new approach with BrightCoins, we have enhanced the driver rewards experience to remove any potential bias towards high mileage drivers and to emphasise rewarding drivers who are focusing on safe driving practices.

Drivers have been seamlessly migrated from brightmiles to BrightCoins with the chance of picking up special rewards prizes along the way. 

We firmly believe that this update positions Brightmile as the market leading global driver rewards, engagement and gamification platform.

Introducing Harsh Braking to enhance our Eco score and help reduce CO2 emissions 


Harsh Braking

As part of our ongoing commitment to help clients meet their sustainability targets, the data engineering team at Brightmile have been working hard to evolve our Eco Score algorithm to include Harsh Braking Events in addition to Harsh Acceleration Events. 

Drivers are now able to clearly see how these two metrics influence their overall Eco score, encouraging a greater focus on smooth and sustainable driving behaviour, reducing fuel usage and CO2 emissions in traditional ICE vehicles and extending range in EVs.

Modernising the User Experience including BrightCoach modules

We have worked with an amazing design team to update the entire Driver App user interface with a modern, engaging design to promote safe driving. This includes the e-learning training modules delivered under BrightCoach - thanks to our great partners at Drivetech for the refreshed and improved content!

The early feedback from our drivers and customers on the new experience has been extremely positive and we look forward to building on the foundations of the new experience with new features in the coming months. 

Your feedback

We're excited about these changes and the tangible improvements they will bring to the experience of drivers. As always, we welcome your feedback as we continue on our journey as the world’s leading business driver safety & sustainability platform.

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