Hassle-Free Driver and Manager Onboarding


Hassle-Free Onboarding

We know any change for an organisation can be daunting. From the start we will aim to take all the hassle out of rolling out the Programme to your employees.

We will help you to:

  • Introduce the Programme into your organisation
  • Tailor communications to your company’s requirements
  • Invite and onboard drivers to the Driver App
  • Structure drivers into appropriate groups and sub-groups
  • Onboard Managers to the Manager Portal and allocate permissions accordingly
  • Set up the ‘bright rewards’ programme
  • Localise all elements of the Programme as required for a multi-region, multi-language roll-out

Ongoing engagement of drivers


Ongoing engagement of drivers

We engage directly with drivers to generate sustained improvement in their driving behaviour:

  • In-app rewards and prizes for safe driving
  • Email digests to drivers summarising performance
  • Support for Programme managers to provide additional communications to drivers
  • Continuous identification and implementation of new competitions and challenges to keep things fresh
  • Direct support to drivers via the Driver App

Helping Managers quickly and easily understand their drivers' performance and risk levels

Your dedicated Brightmile Customer Success Manager will provide ongoing support to help you get the most value from the Programme, focusing on:

  1. Understanding early performance and defining goals
  2. Establishing behaviour focus areas at an overall fleet and group levels
  3. Monitoring progress against goals
  4. Working with you to create a holistic approach and integrate the Programme into your organisation's way of working
  5. Providing ongoing support for new and existing Managers to help them drive maximum impact from Brightmile

Targeted interventions


Targeted interventions

Our Customer Success Managers will help you structure and deliver a proportionate and targeted intervention strategy, including:

  • Delivering insight on group behaviours and trends
  • Identifying outliers so you know where to focus your time for maximum impact
  • Recommending suitable interventions and communications
  • If required, facilitating automated e-learning interventions from our trusted partners

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A single Portal to manage your drivers’ safety

The Brightmile Manager Portal highlights actionable insights, gives an overview of fleet risk trends, and facilitates maximum impact driver management.

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