Deploy to drivers at the click of a mouse with absolutely no hardware or implementation hassle

Driver behaviour analysed and measured
using our 5 Pillars

Market leading driver rewards, engagement and gamification

risk (7)

Drivers track and improve their performance across the Five Pillars

Performance is clearly displayed over time and against the fleet, leading to self-improvement and competition!

Unique understanding of contextual driving risk

Understand excessive speed around complex road infrastructure where collisions are more likely to occur

BrightCoach delivers targeted training modules via the Brightmile App


BrightCoach delivers targeted training modules via the Brightmile App

Based on real life performance and observed areas for improvement, BrightCoach delivers targeted Drivetech training modules straight to your drivers’ fingertips via the Brightmile app.

BrightCoach is fully integrated into the BrightRewards programme meaning that drivers are rewarded for completing their modules and improving their behaviour!

Mileage Manager makes mileage expensing quick and simple

Group 8.15
  • Each trip is automatically captured
  • Digital record of mileage makes fuel expensing accurate and easy
  • Trips can be classified as business and personal (and auto-classified based on working hours)
  • Easily create and export mileage reports to make a mileage claim

No more "Big Brother" - Brightmile’s privacy first and driver friendly approach

Trusted by some of the leading companies in driver safety

Air Liquide

Brightmile can help improve your business drivers' safety - regardless of fleet size, vehicle type, or location


Intuitive and insightful dashboard to manager your drivers’ safety

The Brightmile Manager Portal aggregates data from the Driver Apps and delivers actionable insight on fleet risk trends, good and bad performers, and areas for intervention

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"The Brightmile app is the perfect mix of Safety, Fleet, Sustainability and HR tools to manage the fleet and engage drivers"

Global HSE Manager, SGS

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