Guinness Nigeria’s ‘truly remarkable’ transition to safer driving

  • Collisions reduced by 67%

  • Insurance costs reduced by £230,000

  • Vehicle repair costs reduced by 98%

  • Zero injuries related to road traffic incidents post-Brightmile introduction

  • ‘Significant’ productivity savings

  • ‘Boosted morale’ among sales team

Guinness Nigeria rolled out Brightmile with 333 commercial drivers at the start of 2023 – and the results have surpassed the client’s expectations by some margin.

The improvements have been dramatic, not least collisions being reduced by 67% and vehicle repair costs dropping by 98%. Insurance costs have also seen a big fall on the balance sheet.

Behind these headline statistics is a change of mindset and culture that John Eruse, Global H&S Specialist (Africa Demand/Commercial) at parent-company Diageo, describes as “truly remarkable”.

A global solution

This wasn’t the first attempt by Guinness Nigeria to improve safety measures. Hardware telematics had been trialled but the company faced challenges with performance and driver engagement. 

Andy Gardner, Brightmile’s Head of Customer Success and Programmes, explains: “The in-vehicle telematics gave managers information and metrics, but they wanted drivers to be part of the change. That's the key difference. They wanted to reward safer driving.

“The introduction of Brightmile also works for Diageo because it wants a global solution that will allow comparisons between countries and markets. It allows them to standardise operating procedures globally so they can then identify where risks are greater than other areas.”

Engagement and rewards drive change

The motivation of the local management in adopting Brightmile has been “excellent” says Andy. “We've got a really engaged leadership team in Nigeria and they've embedded Brightmile into the businesses and added it to their standard operating procedures. As a result, they've managed to get utilisation above 95% on a monthly basis.

“I can't stress enough how much engagement and rewards have been a key part of trying to drive positive change. They've had other solutions in the past where drivers simply haven’t bought into what they were trying to do.”

Guinness Nigeria’s pre- and post-implementation stats show that collisions have reduced by 67%; insurance premiums have reduced significantly and there has been a 98% reduction in vehicle repair costs.

“They've really embraced safe driving at all levels of the organisation within Nigeria,” says Andy.

Guinness Nigeria has seen key ROI benefits as a business through its partnership with Brightmile to the extent that it's being used a key case study within the wider Diageo group.

Safety checks also introduced

Adding to the Brightmile approach, Guinness Nigeria introduced pre-operational vehicle safety checks to further improve safety. The company abandoned the paper-based system that they had been using and digitalised with Brightmile.

Brightmile’s Vehicle Safety Checks module is configured to fit their needs and drivers access the app daily before driving to complete a pre-operational check of their vehicle.

Any defects are reported and the asset-management team can view all submissions in the Brightmile Manager Portal dashboard. The asset management colleagues then work with drivers to address any defects or safety issues before drivers get into the vehicles. 

‘A big cultural shift’

It’s clear there has been a big cultural shift as drivers now know the priority isn't to get from A-B quickly, but instead to get there safely. And it's a behaviour that's rewarded.

Guinness Nigeria has also set up Steering Committees with management teams meeting on a monthly basis to share best practice and ensure that any escalations are effective. They've even incorporated driver safety as the key metric that sits alongside their commercial metrics.

Guinness Nigeria’s drivers are appreciative of the changes that have been introduced.

One commented: “Brightmile has encouraged me to reduce my speed and rewards me for driving safely.”

Another said: “Brightmile has been helpful in changing my driving behaviour, I am a better driver thanks to Brightmile.”

Diageo’s John Eruse sums up the change. He says: “We’ve witnessed team members actively prioritising safe driving. These behavioural changes have led to significant productivity savings and boosted morale among our sales team by reducing medical-treatment cases from road incidents.

“Additionally, by driving in an eco-friendly manner, our team is contributing to our environmental goals. 

“Brightmile solutions empower People Managers to oversee safety and sustainability effectively, providing tools for accountability and understanding the environmental impact of the team’s behaviour. It’s truly remarkable.”

Conclusion: efficient and effective

The Diageo Nigeria team has embedded Brightmile and the importance of road safety in an efficient and effective manner, reports Andy.

“We are pleased to observe the positive shifts in behavioural trends across Brightmile’s Five Pillars, that have resulted in tangible safety enhancements and a significant return on investment at a market level,” he says.

“The successes so far stand as a testament to the collaborative efforts and commitment of the Nigeria team towards fostering a culture of safety on the roads.

“We look forward to our continued collaboration as we continue to build upon these successes.”

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