Brightmile Spring 2023 Product Updates

It has been a busy start to 2023 for the Brightmile team, with two major Driver App updates over the last three months. Our focus for 2023 is bringing not just new features but investing in our existing Driver App features to make them easier to use. These incremental updates build toward us launching a new user experience for the Brightmile App in the summer - do get in touch if you would like a sneak preview!

What's new so far this year?

Updated onboarding experience for new drivers

We have created an extended in-App onboarding experience for new drivers making it easier than ever to get started with Brightmile with a focus on introducing key features as drivers explore them.


Trip detection timeline

Working with our driver community and reviewing common support queries it became clear to us that it can be difficult when looking back over weeks of trips to remember that, for a variety of reasons the phone may have been blocked from detecting trips. 

The new trip detection timeline feature makes it clear, looking back at the trip history, where trip detection was blocked and why. 


trip detection timeline

New Settings and profile experience

We have consolidated all settings and profile information to a new single page making it simpler to setup and configure the App. We have also relocated key features such as "Disabling Geolocation & Trip Recording" (also known as "Privacy Mode") to make them easier to reach. 

The new layout gives the Brightmile team the space and flexibility to introduce settings for exciting new features coming later in 2023.

New Settings

Favourite locations 

The Brightmile App now allows drivers to save favourite locations to make it clearer in mileage reports or in day-to-day usage of the app where a trip starts or stops at a regularly visited location. The new favourite location feature can be used directly from the trip detail view or the new profile screen.

Saved Locations

Add Location

Simplified Homepage - Trophy migration

With an increasing set of features, the Brighmile Driver App homepage was getting busy. We have restructured the App to move challenges and trophies into their own page. This foundational work paves the way for a major update to the Brightmile App user experience that we are extremely excited about - watch out for more news on this in the summer. 



Odometer Capture

The Odometer Capture feature has been introduced to allow simple periodic capture of a vehicle odometer reading so that it can be used as part of mileage reporting. 

This feature works by using the smartphone's camera to scan the odometer reading and automatically record it in the App giving validated odometer readings and reducing the chance of human error. 

Add Reading

Take Odometer photo

Driving detection and battery usage improvement

We have made some major changes to the way Brightmile analyses driving behaviour over the last few months, leading to a reduced load on the App and improvements on our already best in class battery consumption.

We didn’t just stop there - we have also reduced the storage required by the App as we no longer require map downloads to your device. 

The Brightmile development team have also embraced recent changes from both Google and Apple to make some incremental improvements to trip detection responsiveness. 

New Driver App Languages

The  Brightmile Driver App is now available in Polish and Khmer. Greek and Arabic are both in development and coming soon. 

Your feedback

Your feedback continues to be crucial in prioritising our product roadmap. Please keep telling us what you would like to see us working on next either through your Customer Success Manager or through one of these options.


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