Brightmile Product Updates - Summer 2023

It has been a busy few months for the Brightmile team and we are excited to be able to announce another set of major product updates. 

New Product Module - Vehicle Checks

Extending the breadth of our driver safety & sustainability programme, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Vehicle Checks module that allows Brightmile Driver App users to conduct periodic vehicle safety inspections. Talk to your CSM or Account Manager to learn more. 


New Product Module - Incident Reporting

The Brightmile team have listened to the requests from our clients to reduce the complexity and admin associated with prompt reporting of incidents, helping to reduce incident costs and business impact. Brightmile now allows clients to define their own custom incident reports that are made available to drivers through the Brightmile Driver App. Talk to your CSM or Account Manager to learn more. 

Manager Portal File Manager

As part of a typical Brightmile programme, there are numerous touch points where it is important to be able to efficiently and securely pass information between our programme teams and our clients in addition to the core portal reporting and admin tools. 

We are pleased to launch the new file portal experience that provides a common secure area within the Brightmile Manager Portal where files can be uploaded and shared. 


Improved Automated Reports

Leveraging the new Portal File Manager, the Brightmile team have upgraded our reporting suite to use this as our standard automated report delivery tool, ensuring our clients have access to the reports they need when they need them. This includes improved email notifications as reports are delivered. 

Country groups

Brightmile already provides flexibility to build hierarchy to reflect organisational structures. We have now introduced a new group type to represent country level within multinational clients. This facilitates easier group management and comparison within countries and regions. For existing multinational clients, your CSM will be in touch to setup this new feature. 

Speeding thresholds

With more and more of our drivers out on the roads on 2 wheelers, we have extended our speeding analysis and reporting capabilities to include a new custom max speed threshold. This threshold can be used to set a maximum speed that should not be exceeded at any time by drivers (irrespective of posted speed limits). This feature will help our clients particularly in LATAM and Asia encourage safe limits for 2 wheeler usage.

Your feedback

Your feedback continues to be crucial in prioritising our product roadmap. Please keep telling us what you would like to see us working on next either through your Customer Success Manager or direct to

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