Unused data: The guilty secret of driver safety and risk management

Companies have more data and reports than ever before when it comes to their vehicles and drivers. We have data from automobile manufacturers (OEMs), leasing companies, telematics, our insurers, consultants... the list goes on. Yet the guilty secret for most businesses is that we have limited time and resources to review, analyse and act on this data.

The act of reviewing most of this data remains firmly in the non-urgent yet important column of our daily work, with a considerable amount of other driving-related tasks firmly occupying the things we have to do right now.

In the words of John Spike, CEO at Aerospike, many companies today are 'data-rich but knowledge poor.' An estimated 60 to 95% of data collected by companies remains untouched beyond the collection. And this is understandable. According to SciDex, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced worldwide each day. So even a mid-sized company today produces far more data than the largest enterprises of the 20th century.

“What we have is a data glut.”

Vernor Vinge, emeritus professor of mathematics at San Diego State University

The paradox here is that a good and regular analysis of our most important driving data could help us prevent a good portion of urgent tasks from actually occurring in the first place. It could help to genuinely move the needle with improving driver safety and reducing driving-related business risk and costs. However, breaking our current pattern and understanding where to even start with the data trove at our disposal can feel overwhelming.

We need our platforms and systems to help provide us with insights on where we need to take action now.

This has been an approach we have taken from day one with the Brightmile manager portal. The AI we have built into our system will analyse the driver safety data and provide you with the key data-driven actionable insights on where you may need to intervene to assist an at-risk driver or a cohort of drivers. We think it's equally important for the system to also surface 'wins' or positive insights. So you can celebrate these with an individual or the business.

Even though AI has come a long way in a short period of time, we believe supplementing machine-generated insights with our customer success team's own knowledge and observations remains an absolute must. Our customer success managers can further understand the unique challenges and strategic focuses of each customer to help provide additional context to each company.

By simplifying the data we present, we also open up new possibilities for spreading the involvement in Driver safety data through our customer's organisations.

Knowledge from data is so often constrained through a very small number of individuals who are limited in their bandwidth and communication channels to engage the organisation. As the old proverb suggests "Many hands make light work" but also as importantly involving more of the organisation into the program builds awareness and engagement.

Our customers benefit from the ability to structure the Brightmile Manager Portal to represent their geographic and operational structure as well as being able to tailor access to ensure that the right information is provided to the right people. This includes tools such as anonymous views giving insight into the Brightmile program without individual driver details for those where full access isn't proportionate to their role from a driver privacy perspective.

Finally, our customer success managers are on hand to deliver and discuss all of these insights in person during the agreed regular check-ins with our customers. We can't overemphasise the value customers derive from these regular check-ins and the ongoing interactions that they have with our team. This is why we usually talk about the Brightmile program, as opposed to just a software solution that we sell then walk away.

Drop us a message if you'd like to see how your business can move from reports and data to actionable insights within weeks of implementing a Brightmile driver safety program.

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