Spring 2021 Product Updates

We’ve just released some great new updates to all our customers. He’s a summary of the major new features we have launched. 

Compare to my fleet in the Driver Digest email

Based on feedback from our drivers, we have added a new insight to the weekly Driver Digest email. This quickly shows drivers how they are doing against the rest of their team during the past week. The challenge is simple - try and be better than your team average each week across the 5 Pillars!


Weekly Digest

Unified search and filter tools

We have made it easier for customers with large numbers of drivers or complex organisational structures to manage their drivers with the introduction of unified search and filter tools in the driver view.


Unified Search

Top alerts at Fleet & Group Level

To complement the individual feedback we give to Drivers in the App we have updated the Manager Portal to help characterise and understand the most common patterns of risk at a fleet or group level. 

Common Risks

These insights into the risk patterns over the last 14 days allow our customers to not only understand the main risk areas to focus on as a fleet but also to add to their existing regular team communications on specific focus areas. 

Email all drivers with my own email tool (i.e: Outlook)

We already provide a suite of automated and Manager triggered tools to contact your drivers but we know that some of you still like to contact your drivers with your own emails. To make that easier we have added tools to make it easier to contact drivers from your own email address. No more hunting around for the latest HR list of drivers before you send out a 'well done' communication on fleet safety progress, or maybe you just want to shut down an excuse of spam filtered emails when following up on an inactive driver.

Your feedback

Your feedback has been crucial in prioritizing these features. So, please keep telling us what you would like to see us working on next.

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