Brightmile Product Updates - November 2023

It has been great to see so much positive feedback over the last 2 months since the launch of our new Driver App in September. I am pleased to now be able to talk about the latest Manager Portal updates that build on the success of the App release. 

Introducing overall Driving Scores to the Manager Portal

Whilst the overall Driving Score is a new concept to Drivers in the Driver App, many of our clients have been using the concept of overall safe miles/km to look at overall team performance for some time. This has primarily been via monthly reports delivered through the Brightmile Customer Success team and the Manager Portal Files tool. 

We are pleased to now introduce the overall Driving Score as a central component of the Manager Portal experience, adding it to Fleet, Group and Individual Driver Profiles as well as in our comparison tools. 

Single Score

We don't view this as a 6th behavioural pillar, but instead as a way for overall performance to be seen and compared at a glance. Indeed, calculated as the percentage of distance driven without breaching any of the Five Pillars, the overall Driving Score can be seen to represent an aggregation of a driver’s performance across the underlying behavioural metrics.

The 5 Pillars of Brightmile remain the foundation upon which we measure and assess specific behavioural trends and their impact on the overall Driving Score.

Team Comparison

Harsh Braking trends now available in the Manager Portal

A key predictor of collisions, we were happy to launch Harsh Braking analysis as part of our Driver App update in September. 

Managers can now use the Manager Portal to see Harsh Braking trends at a Fleet, Group and Driver Level, and move the needle on this key risk factor.

Harsh Breaking

Portal Performance

With an expanding feature set and globally a rapidly increasing number of new drivers and manager users, there has been some recent slowdown in Manager Portal load times. Behind the scenes, our developers have been busy working on a set of major updates with a specific focus on responsiveness of the Manager Portal . 

The first of these updates is now released and users can now understand and compare the latest behaviour trends faster than ever, even for global fleets with 1000’s of drivers. 

Work continues and we expect to roll out further improvements in the new year as part of continued evolution of the Manager Portal.

A few smaller changes to align with the new Driver App

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that there are a few other subtle changes in the current release as part of hundreds of smaller updates. 

I won’t attempt to list them all, but two that do deserve a specific mention are:

  • Changes to remove 14 day scores from the Manager Portal to align with the new weekly focus of the Driver App.

  • Sunsetting of reference to benchmark period in the Manager Portal as the new Driver App no longer requires the initial 100km benchmark period to calculate driving behaviour.

Your feedback

Your feedback continues to be crucial in prioritising our product roadmap. Please keep telling us what you would like to see us working on next either through your Customer Success Manager or using one of these channels.


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