Brightmile Manager Portal Summer 2020 Updates

We’ve made some significant updates and improvements to the Brightmile Manager Portal. Here’s a quick summary of all the most significant updates. All feedback on all these new features would be greatly appreciated. We will have lots more exciting updates in the coming weeks.

New Fleet Mileage Component

You’ll now be able to breakdown and measure the mileage your company are doing on a weekly or monthly basis and by trip purpose. You can also filter this by the teams you have setup. We expect this view will give businesses some great insights into how much driving their colleagues and teams are doing, especially as things ramp up post-lockdown for many companies.

Fleet Mileage Management

Eco & Distraction Heat maps

It has been great to see our Managers using the Risk Heat map to talk to their teams about particular areas of common risk and to visualise the impact their teams' behaviour has on the areas around their offices, depots and major customers.

We have extended the feature, so just like with the risk heat maps, you can now analyse hotspots for eco and distraction events on a map view, to see if there are any common patterns for your teams and promote discussion on team performance.

Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 15.17.40

Weekly Outlier plots

Previously we would need at least a month’s data to plot outliers. Whilst we still see the monthly view being a core foundation to the Brightmile program, there are occasions in the early stages of new teams or for specific deeper analysis where a weekly view can bring additional insight. We are pleased that a significant update means you can now view outliers on a weekly basis.

Weekly Outlier Plot

Driver profile updates

Based on feedback from our Managers, you can now view the current Driver working hours they have set up on their profile page. These are the working hours drivers have set in their app to automatically classify business trips.

Driver Working Hours

Improved invites

We've rolled out some updates to the invite process for larger organisations to make it easier to assign invited drivers automatically to groups on upload and to define groups based on their countries. Your Customer Success Manager will be in touch where these features will help make your future deployments even easier.

A Brand New Version of our iOS App 🎉

I thought I'd also sneak this into the portal update. We have also released a brand new version of our iOS application, which is now live on the Apple App Store. The app has been completely rebuilt to further improve driving detection and app performance. The refactored app also gives us the foundations for some very exciting new features we will be releasing in the coming weeks. So watch this space!

Got any questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback about any of these new features and updates.


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