Brightmile Autumn 2022 Product Updates

Here are all the latest and greatest product updates reflected in new versions released over the past few months. 

Enhanced Driver Privacy features

We already offer best-in-class privacy controls and compliance for our Drivers, but we have been listening to some of our markets where further simplifying the way our Driver App deals with Business vs Personal trips could simplify programs and remove barriers to deployment. 

Fixed Fleet/Group level working hours

We now offer the ability to configure by Fleet or Group a set of standard working hours and to remove the ability for these to be amended by an individual Driver. 

This allows working hours, and therefore the classification of trips as Business or Personal, to be enforced bringing benefits to customers where there are fixed working patterns and no need for Drivers to be able to define their own working schedule. 

Disable trip detection outside of working hours

As a reminder, Brightmile already classifies all trips outside of defined working hours as Personal and captures these trips purely for the benefit of the individual Driver. No data relating to these Personal trips is ever shared with a Driver’s managers (either as individual scores or aggregated).

This new feature takes Driver privacy to the next level by disabling any trip detection outside of working hours for customers where Driver concern over privacy requires this additional level of protection. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Fixed Fleet/Group level working hours.

To learn more, please contact your Brightmile Account Manager or Customer Success Manager. 

Saved views for regular team comparisons

We have been working to make it easier to quickly view performance comparisons over different combinations of groups. So, for example, making it easier to quickly view country comparisons, compare regional performances, or even more specific group combinations such as groups that operate two-wheelers. 

The new save feature on the compare tool allows managers to save their own group compare views so that they can be easily retrieved.


Compare Improvements

New Driver App Languages

We are pleased to announce that the Brightmile Driver App is now available in Chinese and Vietnamese languages.

Chinese App

Vietnamese App

BrightCoach notifications for new training

BrightCoach, Brightmile’s in-App driver training solution, will from November introduce notifications to prompt Drivers to view new training that has been assigned. 


BrightCoach push notification

We have also recently launched an enhanced BrightCoach pilot version that makes it easier for anyone interested to experience a condensed BrightCoach experience. Learn more about BrightCoach here.

Your feedback


Your feedback continues to be crucial in prioritising our product roadmap. Please keep telling us what you would like to see us working on next.

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