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The Myths of Distraction and What We Can Really Do about Distracted Driving

June 07, 2021

We share the most significant myths surrounding distracted driving and explain how we address distraction honestly and effectively in our workplace. ... Read more

Why Brightmile should never be assigned to just poor performers

May 04, 2021

Our goal is to deliver a positive driver-safety programme that encourages and rewards safe business driving for everyone and not just poor performers.... Read more

How to retain driver engagement beyond the ‘honeymoon period’

April 19, 2021

Here's how we work to retain a driver's ongoing engagement and improve their driving behaviour to ensure the long-term impact of our programme.... Read more

Covid – a year of driving dangerously

April 09, 2021

Covid's effect on road safety and driver behaviour has been assessed around the world. Unfortunately a reduction in traffic does not lead to fewer deaths. ... Read more

The Choices We Make When Driving

March 01, 2021

How can companies support employees in making good choices whilst driving?  Understanding what is affecting their behaviour and their choices is critical. ... Read more

Road rage: how to diffuse tensions

February 24, 2021

We write about the factors that contribute to road rage and list the behaviours seen as aggressive and dangerous. We also explain what can be done. ... Read more

Creating a Positive Culture Around Driver Safety

December 02, 2020

Peer pressure, strong safety culture and supporting personalities that lean toward responsibility, play major roles in encouraging safer driver behaviour. ... Read more

What Makes a Good Driver?

October 23, 2020

In this article, Mi Ae Lipe explores what safety means and suggest ways your employees can be safer drivers the very next time they get behind the wheel. ... Read more

The 5 Pillars of Brightmile: shaping the future of fleet risk management

February 04, 2019

We believe that our 5 Pillars, which we use to assess driver behaviour, provide a great foundation on which we can increase the safety of company drivers. ... Read more

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