Working with AXA to offer Brightmile free to workers providing essential services

Like many companies at this unprecedented and challenging time, at Brightmile we are keen to do what we can to help with the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While traffic has been reduced to around 40% of normal volumes, unfortunately, we are seeing an increased risk of collisions and serious injuries on the roads, and at just the wrong time to be requiring the attention of emergency service and critical care workers.

With many governments lifting restrictions on delivery drivers’ hours to minimise the shock to supply chains, more drivers might be fatigued and slow to react behind the wheel. There have also been police reports of drivers “using empty roads like racetracks”, with both more overall speeding and incidents of drivers exceeding 100 miles per hour.

Additionally, in the age of 24/7 news and social media, and at a time of heightened anxiety, drivers might be tempted to look at their smartphones while driving for the latest news or to check in on the health of friends or family.

To help companies combat these risks, protect their workers, and avoid placing an unnecessary burden on health care systems, we are delighted to be teaming up with AXA to offer Brightmile free for three months to any AXA client providing essential services.

As an app-based solution, Brightmile can be deployed and managed fully remotely without any physical interactions, making it ideally suited to the requirements of social distancing and the “new norm” we find ourselves in post-COVID-19.

Please get in touch directly or via your usual AXA representative and we would be delighted to get you up and running with the Brightmile solution and start making an immediate impact on your drivers’ safety. If you are not an AXA fleet policyholder but have workers on the road providing essential services, please also reach out, and we will do what we can to help

If you don’t feel like your organisation has the bandwidth to implement a new initiative right now, I’d still encourage you to get in touch to start a conversation. You might be surprised how simple it is to implement Brightmile even while there is a lot going on.

Alternatively, you can use this time of remote working to make a head start on planning ahead for the “new norm” of risk management when the crisis subsides.

We did not foresee launching our partnership with AXA in this way, and we have many more exciting initiatives planned together moving forward, but nonetheless we hope that this offer will go a small way to ensuring the safety and productivity of our essential workers at this time.

Take care and stay safe in everything that you do!

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