Customer Spotlight - GRS drives down Claims and Premiums

GRS has driven down Claims and Premiums on their company car fleet through collaboration with HDI Global and Brightmile.

As the dedicated Brightmile Customer Success Manager for GRS, I am proud to publish this case study showcasing the striking benefits that can be delivered through proactive driver risk management and strong collaboration between partners.

Brightmile has been working with HDI Global, a leading international insurer focusing on B2B insurance, since April 2022. In May 2022, Brightmile was swiftly deployed to GRS, one of the UK’s leading traders of construction products and waste material, and also an HDI Global policyholder fleet with over 100 company managers driving company cars. 

Working with insurer data, we were happy to be able to demonstrate an immediate positive impact on claims performance, with a 75% reduction in At Fault collisions after Brightmile deployment (comparing like-for-like time periods).

At Brightmile, we run a structured and fully-managed driver safety and sustainability programme for each of our clients, and here it was powerful to have GRS, HDI Global and Brightmile teams working in tandem with regular check-ins and proactive interventions to deliver results.

GRS’s adoption of Telematics is a great strategy delivered into the heart of the business. The data shows how working with Brightmile and HDI is clearly driving down Claims and Premiums

Dron Kyle, Motor Risk Engineer, HDI Global

Another aspect we work hard on is driver acceptance, and we were happy to receive positive feedback on our app from a number of GRS drivers. This was reflected in high utilisation rates and levels of engagement with our Driver App, as well as positive behavioural trends (e.g. speeding was reduced by 18% to below the 3% programme target set).


Brightmile stood out from other Apps on the market. The team are so knowledgeable and helpful - it is clearly a product they are passionate about and believe in, and something they wanted to collaborate on to make the program work for me as a client

Clare Masters Group HSEQ Advisor, GRS Group

Driver Testimonials

I now pay more attention to my phone distraction whilst driving. Very simple and interactive App

GRS Company Car Driver

Brightmile has reduced my driving speed and distraction at the wheel. All in all, it's a good App

GRS Company Car Driver

My thanks to the GRS & HDI teams, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership together.

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Global HSE Manager, SGS

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