COVID-19: Please take extra care to drive safely and not burden health & emergency workers

These are exceptionally challenging times, and the focus of almost every business leader right now is on limiting the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

At Brightmile, this is no different, and we have implemented a range of measures to help ensure the safety of our staff, including a full-time work from home policy across the whole team.

Nonetheless, we remain fully up and running, and we are fortunate in two respects that the impact on our operations is limited. First, as a software-only model, we have very limited physical interaction with our customers, drivers, or partners (although we love talking to you by phone, Zoom conferences, email, or our in-app chat!). Second, we have long been operating a flexible working policy, whereby team members already work from home from time to time in the usual course of business.

But at a time like this, let’s not forget the importance of keeping our employees safe in other areas. Unsafe driving kills around 1.3 million people across the globe each year, with around 40% of collisions work-related, and we hope and pray that COVID-19 fatalities get to nowhere near this figure.

The additional stress, anxiety, fatigue and subsequent distraction most of us are currently experiencing are factors that may lead to a deterioration in our driving ability when we’re behind the wheel. But at the same time, with healthcare and emergency services stretched to their absolute limits, we have a greater responsibility to ensure that we do not place an extra burden on these vital services.

Regardless of the sense of urgency you may feel to get things done for your loved ones or your work, please refrain from speeding. Don’t fall for the fallacy of believing emptier roads mean that you can safely drive faster.

Be mindful of your fatigue. If you feel tired or stressed, then please consider taking a break from your driving and finding somewhere to park your car and rest in your vehicle for 10 minutes.

It’s information overload out there and we are all glued to our phones. It feels like every few minutes we’re getting a new update on the ever-changing circumstances. But this is not a good reason to interact with your phone when you’re behind the wheel. It can wait until you have stopped. Simple as that.

So let’s be extra mindful of our driving behaviour. Unsafe driving is also a killer, so let’s not take our eyes off the ball at this most delicate of times for our amazing health and emergency services workers.

Take care and stay safe,

Dominic Saunders
CEO, Brightmile

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